To: Bethan Wilkins-Jones
The Charity Commission
PO Box 1227
Michaelmas Day 2014
Dear Ms Wilkins-Jones


The Camphill Village Trust (CVT) – Charity 232402


We are concerned and/or local to two Camphill Villages in the Forest of Dean, (Oaklands Park and The Grange). We want to add our voice to those who have urged you to investigate the CVT Trustees and management because we also consider that they have diverted the charity from its purpose as clearly defined in its Memorandum and Articles. We endorse the legal opinion from Hubert Picarda, QC to this effect.
If you are able to stop the executive from unilaterally reinventing the charity we hope that the detrimental impact we experience every day will be reversed or mitigated. In Newnham, (the small town between the two communities), the hitherto positive impact of the villagers and co-worker families in the area has been greatly diminished – much to local sadness and disappointment. What were once inspirational organisations full of humanity and vision are now increasingly banal, uninspiring and dour. We attribute this to the inappropriate new procedures imposed by the CVT HQ, against the will of the residents and their families.
We urge you to do what you can to stop their destructive input and to require them to put their house in order so we can celebrate these unique centres again. We think that this needs to be done without delay if there is to be anything left upon which to rebuild these treasures.
  • Rob James: Vicar of Newham Church
  • Rebekah Hoyland: Sister and daughter of camphillers, waldorf teacher. Blakeney
  • Nick Assirati: ex house father and LMC member, CVT member. Newnham
  • Rosalie Ann Reid: Former Grange LMC member. Newnham
  • Mark Moodie: Former LMC member, CVT member. Blakeney
  • Xenia Huntley: Former young co-worker. Newnham
  • Peter Kramer: Former house parent, CVT member. St Briavels
  • Trevor Firman: Former Grange LMC member, Newnham
  • Victoria Renouf Watkins: Former Grange LMC member, Newnham
  • Dr Ian Smith: Newnham
  • Dr Siobhan Smith: Newnham
  • Sylvia Beryl Gordon: formerly Grange village, now Delrow
  • Corinna Wiltshire: Blakeney
  • Christine Reyneke-Frey: Soudley
  • Andy Vivian: Newnham
  • Anna Fedden: Newnham
  • Sid Phelps: Newnham
  • Vickie Manning: Newnham
  • Mike Penny: Newnham
  • Ms. Sue DuBois M.I.P.D. Newnham
  • Paul Manning: Newnham
  • Bob Rhodes: Soudley
  • Rachael Hawkins, Birmingham
  • Julian Assirati, London
  • Martin Horne
  • Mark McDougal
  • Guy Alma
  • Jan Herbertson
  • Jane Coomber
  • Victoria Stevens
  • Anita Bennett
  • Sean Gilde – Midlands
cc CVT in Malton

Oct ’14
The Charity Commission has responded to our letter with a ‘statement’ prepared because they have received so many complaints about the CVT. In essence their letter says that: “We cannot determine the principles of Rudolf Steiner.” The statement is not without internal contradiction in that the very next paragraph because it says it “is satisfied that the trustees … have included taking into account the Steiner principles.” This is a very unhelpful washing of hands. We point them again to the judgement of Mr Picarda, QC.